Hair Spa


When hair is damaged, though, the scales may separate and hair can become dry. Because the scales on dry hair don't protect the inner two layers as well, hair can break and look dull. Wrong selection of shampoos and harsh chemicals and unprotected hair all damage hair and over time, they can strip the shine from hair leaving it dull and even frizzy.
Chetana's hair spa specially made for dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Our hair spa makes your hair smooth and manageable. It contains catatonic smoothing agents and glycerin to control frizz, nourish and hydrate hair. Chetana's hair spa selects the treatment among the following to suit your requirements based on your hair condition.

Hair spa with protein treatment
Scalp peeling, scalp clarifying dandruff removal
Bridal special hair spa
Damage repair or ultra-strengthening of hair
Silk softening and shine induction
Treatment for Damaged, Bleached, Porous hair
Treatment for colored hair
Treatment for Frizzy, unmanageable hair
Treatment for Dry, naturally coarse hair
Treatment for Imbalanced, stressed scalp
Treatment for Naturally fragile hair


Facial Spa


A facial is the second most popular spa treatment after a massage offered by Chetana's Spa. A facial works best when it is part of an on-going program of skin care. A facial cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion, and can help your skin look younger. A facial is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments, including: steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage.

Hot Stone Therapy:

Chetana's Spa specialized in Hot stone massage, which is a specialty massage where the therapist uses small, smooth, heated stones. Our therapist massages the face and neck by placing the warm, smooth stones are used to gently massage the face and neck, as circulation is stimulated and toxins are eliminated, but other benefits include firming, toning and excess fluid removal. After the stones are removed, a finishing cream is applied, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and glowing.

Aroma Facials:

Chetana's Aroma facials involve the abundant use of essential oils and other aromatic products. Aroma facial is a great way to pamper your skin. Aroma facials are known to soothe your skin and relax your mind. Different skin types have different needs and it is important that you are guided in the best possible way in this matter. Your aroma facial session starts and the possible steps include facial steaming, facial exfoliation, facial massage and application of an aromatherapy facial mask. An Aroma facial can work wonders for your skin.

Chetana's Signature Spa Facial:

Signature Spa facial is exclusively unique in Chetana's Beauty Lounge. Many signature spa treatments like facials incorporate ingredients from the spa's natural surroundings like local clay, ocean salt, mud, and fruits. Since signature facials are proprietary to our spa, clients have the opportunity to indulge in unique experiences that we have perfected are often the most popular among the spa's clientele. Our signature spa facials are tailored to individual clients and often last longer than treatments on the regular list of services.


Body Spa


A body spa is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. Chetana's Body Spa includes from head to toe body polish, body massages, body wraps, pedicure & manicure and many more.
Our Specialized spa massage stimulates the lymphatic system which carries away the body's waste products thus, boosting moisture in your skin, helping to rejuvenate and relax you. Body polishes gently exfoliate your skin, promoting cellular renovation, refining pores and gives your skin uniform relief. Body wraps are exceptionally beneficial as a quick way to re-mineralize the body, replenish it with nutrients.

Aroma deep tissue massage (60 mins)
Swedish body massage (60 mins)
Thai massage (60 mins)
Chetana's Signature fusion massage
Bamboo fusion massage
Stone therapy with fusion massage
Lymphatic drainage massage
Detox therapy (G5)
Foot reflexology (30 mins)

Hand reflexology (30 mins)
Polishing & Hot compress massage
Body scrub
Basic body massage
Body spa
Back massage
Hot Stone back massage
Back polishing & massage
Head massage


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